Ines Dužević, PhD

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Ines Dužević, PhD
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Ines Dužević, PhD
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Ines Dužević was born in 1983 in Dubrovnik. In March 2013 she gained her PhD at the EDAMBA postgraduate doctoral programme in Business Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb. In May 2008 she gained postgraduate specialist degree in Quality Management at the same Faculty. She graduated on September 22, 2007 at the University of Dubrovnik, Faculty for Tourism and Foreign Trade.
In 2008 she worked at the University of Zagreb, Office for Quality Assurance as an Expert Assistant for Quality Assurance. Since July 16, 2008 she has been working at the Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb, University of Zagreb (July 2008 – March 2013: junior research and teaching assistant, March 2013 – June 2015: senior research and teaching assistant, June 2015 – Assistant professor) Department of Trade and International Business. She has published 1 scholarly book, many scientific papers in the international journal and other scientific and professional papers. She has participated in a number of conferences, both home and abroad. She has been actively engaged in several national research projects (project granted by the University of Zagreb: “Standardization of transportation data collection and analysis with the aim of developing knowledge and economy” 2011-2012; project granted by the University of Zagreb: “Improving service quality in higher education through students development and growth” 2013-2014). She is certified ISO 9001 auditor and member of Croatian Quality Managers Society.