Ines Udodovsky, BA

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Ines Udodovsky, BA
Name and surname
Ines Udodovsky
Office Hours
  • Monday: 10:00 - 11:30

Dear students,

I'm inviting you to join our introductory class at the arranged schedule ( Monday , 8.00 ), on Google Classroom, with the access codes which you can find on my web page.

We will shortly go through your tasks for the Physical Education class in this upcoming academic year.


 BDiB - monday at 8.00 
Physical education practice III


Model A: Online Classes

Information for students who took these kinds of classes:


The class will be held online where the students will have to follow the tasks given to them on the Google Classroom platform. The staff will post weekly material with programmes and exercises adapted for indoor activities, no equipment necessary. Along with the practical part, students will also receive an informational component which will be submitted periodically through the Classroom platform. The student assignment at the end of the semester will be a seminar paper with themes related to the class.

All student communication will be held through Google Classroom, the Google Meet service and through e-mail correspondence. Notices about the performance of the class and instructions can also be found on the PE department webpage.


Conditions and regulations of tasks through the A model:


1. To attend the first (introductory) class via the Google Meet service


2. To sign up for the corresponding Google Classroom group


3. To follow the material and exercises which will be posted on Classroom


4. Writing your seminar work in agreement with the class teacher.


The procedure is as follows:


From November 1st, 2020, contact me via e-mail for your seminar work theme assignment.


When you finish writing your seminar work, e-mail it to me and you'll receive feedback. I usually reply within 5 days.


Contact me from November 1st for choosing your seminar work theme.


The format of the seminar work:

  • Title page (Title, students name, teachers name, your course and semester you're attending and your PE class period (e. g. Tuesday, 8 - 10))

  • Minimum of 8000 characters (including blank spaces), containing exclusively the introduction, discussion and conclusion.

  • Seminar structure: title page, contents page, introduction, discussion and conclusion, sources index (in the work you have to quote used sources, for example literature, an article from a magazine or an internet source) also in the text you need to mention the source of a quote or thought. (e. g. World Health Organisation, 2009, then mention the same source again in the sources page below)

  • Writing font: Times New Roman, size 12, margin 1,5

  • Sources of used pictures or graphs/tables, if used in the work (same as text sources)


It is necessary to fill all the above mentioned criteria to regulate obligations for the class.


Communication via e-mail and signing up for Google Classroom is possible exclusively through the e-mail adress given to you from the faculty.



Monday, 17.00 p.m.

Physical exercise at Maksimir park, meeting point by " Mogila "

The B model of the training will start on the 12th of October at 17h in the afternoon.

The meeting point is at Mogila in Maksimir. In the case of bad weather, please check the Google Classroom if the training will be cancelled or not.