Danijela Miloš Sprčić, Ph.D.

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Danijela Miloš Sprčić, Ph.D.
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Danijela Miloš Sprčić
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Danijela Miloš Sprčić was born on August 2, 1976, in Novska, Croatia, where she attended elementary and high school. She graduated and received her MPhil degree in Finance from the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb. In 2007, she obtained her PhD degree in Finance and Risk Management from The University of Greenwich Business School, London, UK. She was elected Assistant Professor in 2008, Associate Professor in 2013, Full Professor in 2018, and Full Professor (Tenured position) in 2023. She has been employed at the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb (FEB Zagreb) since 1999. FEB Zagreb is “The Triple Crown” institution of higher education being EQUIS, AACSB & AMBA internationally accredited.  Danijela Miloš Sprčić is the head of several courses - Risk Management, Financial Management (MBA), Strategic Risk Management (MBA), Corporate Risk Management and Fundamentals of Corporate Finance. She also teaches Corporate Finance and Company Evaluation.
Danijela Miloš Sprčić is a visiting professor at the “Triple Crown” School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She serves as the Associate Editor of the renowned international scientific journal Risk Management published by Springer/Palgrave. She is the head of Financial Management and Risk Management courses at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Zagreb, taught at the postgraduate programme “MBA in Construction”. Danijela Miloš Sprčić is the member of the Croatian Scientific Society of Economists, the Professional Risk Managers’ International Association (PRMIA), the Croatian Association of Corporate Treasurers and XEnergy - Network for the Promotion of Women in Energy Transition. From 2014 to 2023, she led several research projects financed by the University of Zagreb and participated in research projects funded by the European Structural and Investment Funds and the Croatian Science Foundation.
Areas of her scientific and professional activity are corporate finance, development and implementation of risk management systems in organisations, strategic risk management, power system risks, company evaluations, feasibility and risk analysis of investment projects and development of financial markets. Through professional projects and executive education programmes, she has cooperated with numerous companies and professional associations, including The Croatian Air Traffic Controlling Company (Cro Control), Croatian Lottery, Croatian Electric Power Company, Podravka, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, Končar Generators and Motors, Croatian Exporters, Croatian Chamber of Auditors, Zagreb City Gas Company, the Institute for Energy and Environmental Protection (Ekonerg), etc.
Danijela Miloš Sprčić has been working with the Croatian Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals on the training program for certified internal auditors since 2002, where she coordinates and delivers the module "Financial Management". Since 2014, she has led the module "Economics, Business Administration and Fundamentals of Financial Management", which is part of the training program for certified external auditors organized by the Croatian Audit Chamber. At the request of the Governing Council of the Croatian Chamber of Auditors, she designed the training "Identification and assessment of business risks and risks of material misstatement of financial statements", which she conducted in 2017 and in which over 200 certified auditors, members of the Chamber, participated.
She has written and published, independently or in co-authorship, over 50 scientific and professional papers in the field of finance and risk management, three authored books and four editorial books. Her research has been cited worldwide by other scientists (Google Scholar Profile)  and have been published in renowned international publications such as Risk Management, Research in International Business and Finance, E a M: Economy and Management, EuroMed Journal of Business, Electrical Power and Energy Systems, Journal of Destination Marketing and Management, Economic Review, Financial Theory and Practice, etc.
Her paper "Perspectives for the Development of the Croatian Corporate Bond Market" published in 2004 in the journal Financial Theory and Practice was awarded the annual scientific awards "Professor Marijan Hanžeković" and "Mijo Mirković". She received the annual "Mijo Mirković" award in 2007 for the paper "Corporate risk management rationales: evidence from Croatian companies" published in the Economic Review. Her research was again awarded the annual "Mijo Mirković" prize for a special contribution to the development of economic science. The prize was awarded for the book "Risk Management - Fundamental Concepts, Strategies and Instruments".
Danijela Miloš Sprčić is an invited speaker at scientific and professional events in the field of finance, risk management and corporate governance. She speaks and writes fluently in English. She is married and the mother of two children.

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