Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

Conference Entrepreneurship Academy: In medias res

The Croatian Academic Community of the Faculty of Economics  & Business hereby invites you to the conference Entrepreneurship Academy: In medias res, which will be held on June 10 and 11 at the FEBZG in Hall 7, and will be broadcast online so that all those interested can participate. This edition of the Entrepreneurship Academy will put us in the subconscious of consumers (literally) and explain how to stay there…
Don't try to follow trends - learn how to set them!
Learn first hand what it means to be a student-entrepreneur, what opportunities are available, and how to have enough "both money and music". And, yes, that marketing… what are these good (and not so good) examples of marketing campaigns you should learn from? Is there a place for ethics in marketing communication?
We want to make the path to success easier for young people, and the interesting topics that will be presented to the participants by the greatest experts in these fields will not leave anyone indifferent.
# Book now June 10th and 11th because, believe us, you don’t want to miss this!
Applications should be made using the form https://forms.gle/kQr1c8n622a41hrm6. Upon completion of the event, you will also receive an official certificate!

Facebook link for the event https://fb.me/e/PwUjgkwR

For more information, please, see (PDF)