Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

Classes in the Summer Semester of AY 2020/21

Dear students,
The summer semester of the academic year 2020/2021 starts on Monday (February 22, 2021) according to the published schedule. All classes will be taught online, with exception of several classes that will be taught in-person in the Faculty building. Even for those classes, students will be able to participate online. All links for your classes will be provided by the end of the week via email. Please register for your classes via Google Classroom.

Once again, we would like to emphasize that the Faculty follows the following principles:
a) The overall focus is the maximum protection of the health of all students and employees of the Faculty of Economics and Business - Zagreb.
b) It is necessary to provide all students with the same rights and obligations, without discriminating against students on any grounds (e.g. self-isolation). Hence, students will not be penalized in case they cannot attend classes at the Faculty (offline) if they actively participate in online classes that will be provided for all courses.
c) It is necessary to follow the instructions of the competent institutions in all activities, but also to preserve the academic freedom of teachers and the academic autonomy of the Faculty in achieving learning outcomes.

Information related to epidemiological measures at the Faculty of Economics and Business - Zagreb:
• All students should announce their arrival at the Faculty premises at least 48 hours before arriving at the Faculty via the online form on the Faculty website (LINK)
• Upon entry, students should have a completed statement available here (PDF), which they submit together with an identification document. Students should arrive at the Faculty early enough to carry out all necessary epidemiological measures at the entrance.
• Entry and exit from the Faculty are possible only through the main entrance. Exceptionally, in case of danger all doors will be open for exit, in accordance with regulations.

We wish you a successful semester, during which we will show our commitment to reaching the learning outcomes and preserving the health of all students and employees.
Božidar Jaković, PhD
Associate Professor
Vice dean for students, education and digitalization

Please follow all further information on the official channels of the Faculty:
Web: https://www.efzg.unizg.hr/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EkonomskifakultetZagreb/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/school/feb-unizg/
Viber: shorturl.at/iotu7