TAKE conference at FEBZ
Added: 31.8.2017., Last change: 31.8.2017.
Lecture Dr. Marc J. Epstein
Added: 3.4.2017., Last change: 3.4.2017.
Lecture on Progressive EU Trade Policy for the 21st Century
Added: 21.3.2017., Last change: 21.3.2017.
Formal Promotions of BDiB Graduates (May 2017)
Schedule of formal promotions for April 2016 is available by clicking on the headline of this news.
Added: 16.3.2017., Last change: 16.3.2017.
Visit of students from the Auburn University’s Executive MBA Program, Alabama, USA
Added: 14.3.2017., Last change: 15.3.2017.
5th OYT students' competition in presentation skills
FEB's Department of Business Foreign Languages is organizing a competition in presentation skills entitled Organize Your Talk for the 5th time on Saturday, 18 March 2017. 
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