Celebration of the 60th anniversary enrollment at the Faculty of Economics

 A group of 60 former students have visited Faculty of Economics and Business on 21st October 2016, in order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of university enrollment. They were received by the Dean and Professor Lajoš Žager, PhD, Vice Dean and Assistant Professor Božidar Jaković, PhD.

The generation of students enrolled in 1956 at the Faculty of Economics numbered 661 students, of which 315 graduated. In addition to students from Zagreb, in this generation there were also students from Slovenia, Vojvodina, Montenegro and Kosovo.

The first group gathering generation was organized 20 years after university enrollment, and until this anniversary, they have met five times. The connection they formed during their university days comes to light knowing that the 20 of them still meet every first Thursday of the month.

Acquaintance and friendship that was born over the years have led to the celebration of the Great Jubilee, which is not only of great significance for all of them, but also for the entire Faculty of Economics.

With their presence, they show respect for this university, how proud they were part of it, as well they enjoyed recalling the memories of their student days.