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Reviewing papers poses an important contribution to marketing theory and knowledge building. Defined as a process of subjecting an author’s scholarly work, research or ideas to the scrutiny of others who are experts in the same field, the peer-review process functions to encourage authors to meet the accepted high standards of their discipline and to control the dissemination of research data to ensure that unwarranted claims, unacceptable interpretations or personal views are not published without prior expert review (Yadav, 2010; Kelly et al., 2014).
Within the scientific community, peer review has become an essential component of the academic writing process. It helps ensure that papers published in scientific journals answer meaningful research questions and draw accurate conclusions based on professionally executed experimentation (Yadav, 2010; Kelly et al., 2014).
Given the importance of the process, we would like to invite you to act as a reviewer for the EMAC regional 2020 Conference in Zagreb, Croatia. The EMAC community and the Organising Committee will attribute public acknowledgments to the reviewers involved in the process: the list of reviewers will appear in the Conference Book.
To facilitate the reviewer registration process, please find the reviewer registration instructions, as well as information on the review process and key dates on the next few pages.
We would highly appreciate your contribution to the enhancement of marketing knowledge.
Many thanks in advance for your time, effort and cooperation.
Morana Fudurić, Ph.D.
Sandra Horvat, Ph.D.
Organizing Committee Chairs

The reviewer registration process

1. Reviewer registration

If you are interested in accepting our invitation, please register via the link
If you did NOT register last year as a reviewer, you need to first create a profile as we are using a new system.

If you did register last year as a reviewer, please enter your credentials in the “Returning User” box. If you cannot remember your password, click on Reset Password.

2. The review process

The review process is as follows: 
  • The Conference Organizing Committee will select reviewers according to the specific research interests and areas of expertise.
  • The review process is managed through the Conference website, without any paper exchange.
  • Instructions about the review will be provided through the Conference website and by e-mail.
  • Each reviewer will evaluate up to a maximum of five papers, each paper having a maximum of 10 pages (references included).

3. Key dates

Deadlines for the review process are as follows:  

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