Ema Roginić, MA

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Ema Roginić, MA
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Ema Roginić
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CV Ema Roginić

Ema Roginić was born on December 2, 1994 in Zagreb. After her primary school education, she has completed a 4-year program for Hotel and tourism technologist at the Hotel and Tourism High School in Zagreb. In 2014, she has enrolled in a 4-year Undergraduate university study program ‘Business Economics’ at the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb. After completing her undergraduate studies in 2018, she continued her education at 1-year Graduate university study program ‘Business Economics’, major Tourism. Upon completion of her studies in 2019, she achieved an academic degree and the title Master of Economics (mag. oec.) in the field of tourism, with the honours (cum laude). During her studies, she was volunteering in the Student Association 'Tourism Lab' as a Marketing Team Leader and has participated in many projects, conferences and workshops. During her final years of study, she started working in global destination management company ‘Kuoni Tumlare Croatia’, where she gained a valuable work experience in tourism, especially in dealing with the outbound tourism markets of Asia, North America and Europe. In November 2020, she has joined the Department of Tourism at the Faculty of Economics & Business, University of Zagreb, as a Project Associate Specialist on the EU project "ReCeZa - Regional Center Zabok".