Physical Education

The history of students' PE dates back a long time, to 1963, with the
Department of Physical Education at the Faculty of Economics & Business
- Zagreb being established in the 80s. Today, the department counts 6
members, who conceptualize and hold regular PE classes for full-time, as
well as part-time students of integrated undergraduate and graduate study
programs, undergraduate study programs (both, taught in Croatian and
English), and professional undergraduate study programs. 
Goals of PE classes are improvements in students' anthropological and
physiological characteristics, positive influence on the educational
component, along with the promotion of sports in general. However, the
main task of the department's members, besides motivating students'
individual physical exercise is counteracting the process of premature loss
of certain properties, abilities and motor functions due to lack of physical

The Department cooperates with the Croatian Institute of Public Health, the
Croatian Olympic Committee, the Croatian Kinesiology Federation, the
Sports Services/ University Office and the Croatian Academic Sports
All sports programs at the faculty fall under the responsibility of the
members of the department. The Sports Society of the Faculty of
Economics & Business, founded in 2007, combines the physical activity of
students, professors and faculty employees. Students compete in over 20
men's and women's disciplines at the university sports championships.
The best, gain the possibility to perform nationwide at the Croatian
University's sports Championships. Professors and employees of the
Faculty participate in recreational activities: fitness, soccer, basketball,
volleyball and swimming.
In addition to classes and competitions, members of the Department of
Physical Education participate in seminars, scientific conferences and
congresses on educational kinesiology. Further they conduct scientific
research and publish papers in scientific journals. Research results are
presented at conferences in Croatia and abroad.

Academic Year 2023/2024.: WEDNESDAY 10.00 - 12.00 AM
All information on the teaching of Physical Education is published on the
pages of the subject teachers. All students are required to register in
Physical Education I
Constanza Lizačić, MA

Physical Education II
Ines Udodovsky, BA

A. class structure

The class is held at the Sport Gym of the Faculty of Economics & Business
– Zagreb. After warm-up, students are free to choose one of the kinesiology
programs offered every academic hour: basketball, volleyball, futsal,
badminton. We will practice strength training, dance structures, stretching.

B. Students' responsibilities and conditions for receiving a signature
PE class is MANDATORY for all BDIB and BDIE students in I., II, and III.

Semester (PE I, PE II and PE III) and is credited with 1 ECTS point, for
each semester.

A student can unjustifiably miss 20% of the classes held. It is necessary to
collect 12 pluses, arrivals.
The doctor's note for justified absences is handed over at the last class of
the semester. Until then, absences are not justified, and pluses are
collected as long as classes are held in the semester.