Information technology for business strongly influences the success of a company. The aim of this department is to educate top experts who utilize information technology in order to enhance the competitiveness of Croatian companies. The department established a major in Managerial Informatics (formerly known as Business Informatics) as a result of significant demand for bachelors of business administration with solid knowledge of informatics.

Within postgraduate study programme 'IT Management' students are presented with the latest scientific, professional and practical achievements in the application of information technology when managing companies, non-profit, governmental and public organizations. Candidates acquire knowledge and skills necessary for managing complex projects and businesses by utilizing contemporary technological tools and management methods.

Every year the department organizes Days of Information Technology. The goal of this event is to show how IT can solve business problems and to present the best students in the previous year. The topic of this event is different every year.
We organize a field trip for our students every year – for the students to get a first-hand look at the business application of IT in the daily practice of leading Croatian companies. Getting to know the local characteristics of different Croatian regions is also an important part of these field trips.