Department of Entrepreneurship

Fifteen years after the Bologna reform and the introduction of Entrepreneurship as an independent discipline, in 2022 the Department of Entrepreneurship was established as the first such Department in an economics faculty in Croatia and the second after the Faculty of Economics in Ljubljana in these areas. With the establishment of the Department of Entrepreneurship, the Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb is now classed amongst other important faculties in the region, Europe and the world, which for years had a separate department that deals with the study and teaching of entrepreneurship. The establishment of the Department of Entrepreneurship will enable the further development of the Entrepreneurial Economics discipline in the academic vertical, increasing the quality of the educational program and harmonization with market requirements and strengthening ties with the Croatian economy. 

With the aim of learning and improving entrepreneurial knowledge and skills in the past period, from the core course Entrepreneurship at the Faculty, the staff of the Department developed a whole series of new courses such as International entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship in tourism, Corporate entrepreneurship, Social entrepreneurship, etc. Two specialist postgraduate programs were also launched: "Strategic Entrepreneurship" and "Entrepreneurial Management". In addition, a   specialist graduate professional programme has been launched named "Entrepreneurial Economics", and in 2007 the first Student Business Incubator in Croatia was also opened, where additional work is still being done with students who are particularly interested in starting their own entrepreneurial projects still during their studies.

The mission of the Department of Entrepreneurship is to provide students with up-to-date knowledge needed for understanding entrepreneurial processes in the modern, knowledge-intensive economy with the aim of encouraging and developing entrepreneurial traits and skills necessary for business in a global and turbulent business environment.

The vision of the Department of Entrepreneurship represents the building and development of entrepreneurial culture and awareness of the need to connect science and economy at all levels of economic activities, not only the private but also in the public sector, all to encourage the development of new business ideas and innovation in current business. 

The goal of the Department of Entrepreneurship is ultimately to see our students as successful owners of fast-growing companies, all with the aim of contributing to the development of entrepreneurship, acceleration of economic development and exploitation of an enormous potential, which derives from the most valuable resource that Croatia possesses - and that is knowledge.