Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

Information for students


  • Regular attendance
  • Active in-class participation
  • Group presentation/ meeting
  • Homework assignments
  • Passing progress tests or final exam
  • Oral exam

Attendance, missed classes:
FULL-TIME students who miss more than 6 classes will not be given a signature at the end of the semester.

PART-TIME students ARE ALSO REQURED TO ATTEND CLASSES. In case they are unable to attend for legitimate reasons e.g., work obligations (this needs to be proven by a note from the employer). They are required to make up for missed classes by attending tutorials previously agreed upon with the instructor. Students who know in advance that they will not be able to attend classes regularly, MUST discuss this with the professor in the first three weeks of the semester.

If you were absent from a class due to medical or other legitimate reasons (e.g., participation in a sports event, if you are a member of a relevant sports team, etc.), you have to hand in a doctor's note or other proof of your absence not more than a week after the class you missed.

Homework assignments:
All assignments are mandatory.
Hand-in assignments are taken only on the day they were assigned for.
They have to be hand-written, on a separate sheet of paper (not in your notebook).