Regional Economic Integrations

General data
Course Title  Regional Economic Integrations
ECTS credits  4
Course Code  71493
Type of Course  Elective
Year and Semester of Study                     Third / Summer
Course Website  -
Department  Department of International Economics
Course Coordinator  Associate Professor Vlatka Bilas, PhD
Instructors  Associate Professor Vlatka Bilas, PhD
Assistants  Sanja Franc , PhD
Type of Degree Program  BDB and BDE
Major  -
Hours per Semester  30
Language of Instruction  English
Class Schedule  Schedule 

Course Objectives                                                                                                                                                                                                  
Acquiring knowledge about the theory, analysis and politics of regional integration and better understanding of globalization and regionalization trends. The program offers the possibility of studying and understanding wide specter of problem areas related to regional integration such as trade and trade liberalization, direct investments, monetary and financial integration.
Course Contents
1. Multilateralism and regionalization trends
2. Modern regionalism and regional integration motives
3. Regional economic integration creation effects
4. Monetary union creation effects
5. Capital movement liberalization effects
6. Labor movement liberalization effects
7. Regional economic integration and developing countries
8. Regional economic integration and trade
9. Regional economic integration and foreign direct investments
10. Regional economic integration and poverty
11. Monitoring and management of regional economic integration
12. Analysis of chosen regional economic integrations
Methods of Instruction
Lectures, seminars, team work, case study analysis
Required Reading
Grgić, M., Bilas, V. and Franc, S. (2012) Regional economic integrations: Effects and Perspectives. Zagreb: Lares plus.
Additional Reading

De Lombaerde, P., Estevadeordal, A. i Suominen, K. (ed.) (2008) Governing regional integration for development. England (Hampshire): Asghate Publishing Company.
Willem te Welde, D. (ed.) (2006) Regional integration and poverty. USA (Burlington): Asghate Publishing Company.
De Lombaerde, P. (ed.) (2006) Assessment and measurement of regional integration. London: Routledge.
Many actual research studies, articles and case studies, depending upon the theme.

Student Obligations
Active participation of students, consulting the literature, writing and presenting seminars, taking tests during the semester and the final oral exam.
Method of Assessment
Tests during the semester and the oral exam, special validation of teamwork, i.e. team project.
Exam Application
 Exam application kiosk (ISVU studomat)
Course Prerequisites
Recommendation: International Economics
Additional Information
Additional information can be found on the lecturers’ web page, via e-mail or during the lecturer office hours.