International Economics

General data
Course Title  International Economics
ECTS credits  6
Course Code  59981
Type of Course  Compulsory
Year and Semester of Study  Second year / Summer semester
Course Website  -
Department  Department of International Economics
Course Coordinator  Associate Professor Vlatka Bilas, PhD
Instructors  Associate Professor Vlatka Bilas, PhD
Assistants  Sanja Franc, PhD
Type of Degree Program  Business / Economics
Major  -
Hours per Semester  60
Language of Instruction  English
Class Schedule                                                   Schedule 

Course Objectives
Enable students to understand contemporary international economics in the conditions of globalisation, based on their knowledge about theory, analysis and international trade and finance policies. Particular emphasis is placed on the issues related to development of small, open economies under the conditions of international integration. 
Course Contents
1. Introduction to international economics
2. Theory of international trade
3. Trade policy
4. Liberalisation of trade and economic development
5. Regional economic integration
6. Liberalisation of international movement of capital and labour
7. Foreign exchange market, exchange rate and exchange rate policy
8. Balance of payments
9. Internal and external balance policy
10. International financial crises and debt
11. Globalisation, sustainable development and economic growth 
Methods of Instruction
Lectures, seminars, seminar papers, individual work.
Required Reading
Grgić, M. and Bilas, V. (2009) International economics, Lares plus, Zagreb 
Additional Reading

Krugman, P. and Obstfeld, M. (2009) International Economics: Theory and Policy, 8th edition, Pearson Education.
Salvatore, D. (2007) International Economics, 9th edition, Wiley .

Student Obligations
Regular attendance of lectures and seminar classes, completion of homework assignments, writing seminar paper, activity in class.
Method of Assessment
Weekly homework. Group projects (team work).  Final written and oral exam
Exam Application
Exam application kiosk (ISVU studomat)
Course Prerequisites
Additional Information