Workshop on graduation thesis

The workshop on how to prepare the graduation thesis is intended for students of the 4th and 5th year of study (primarily in Marketing, but also in other related fields) and is organized as an extracurricular activity with ECTS credits awarded. The program will be carried through 30 school hours (plus 30 hours of independent student work) for two weeks. The workshop will be held in Croatian. Students will be provided with all the necessary materials during the workshop.
The program aims to further educate students and prepare them for a more successful mastering of the process of designing and producing the graduation thesis. Students will be explained the process of academic writing and the process of applying, drafting and defending a thesis with an emphasis on marketing and related fields. During the program, students will be provided with knowledge related to the collection and analysis of scientific and professional literature, as well as how to conduct primary research, methods of processing and presentation of collected primary data.
The aforementioned program was created and will be conducted by the program managers' Assist. Prof. Morana Fudurić, Ph.D., Assist. Prof. Sandra Horvat, Ph.D., and Tanja Komarac, Ph.D.
Upon successful completion of the workshop (extracurricular activities), students receive 2 ECTS credits. More information on ECTS credits for extracurricular activities can be found on the University of Zagreb website.