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Bachelor Degree in Economics (BDiE)

Bachelor Degree in Economics (BDiE)

Bachelor Degree in Economics (BDiE) is a 4-year undergraduate study program, introduced in the academic year 2018/2019. It is the only economics university study program taught fully in English in the Republic of Croatia.

Why should I enroll?
  • Because we make sure you get a wide range of knowledge needed in the field of economics for the job market.
  • Because this program will enable you to understand everyday economic trends.
  • Because labor market is in need of young professionals with a degree in economics.

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Who can apply? 
Study program is open to Croatian and international applicants.

What is the duration of the study? 
Standard period of study is 4 academic years (8 semesters).

When do the classes begin? 
Beginning of the classes: October 1st, 2018

What is the tuition? 
Tuition fee for one academic year is 28,000.00 HRK, which amounts to approximately 3,700.00 Euros.
(1 Euro = 7.6 HRK).
The amount of the tuition fee can be paid in four installments.

Where is the enrollment office? 
Office 5, ground floor.
What is the enrollment fee? 
Candidates for enrollment have to pay additional 500.00 HRK as enrollment fee, which amounts to approximately 66.00 Euros.

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