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Following the trends of new postgraduate specialistic studies in the world and Europe, specialistic postgraduate study „Strategic entrepreneurship” provides knowledge necessary for understanding entrepreneurial processes in contemporary knowledge-intensive enterprise with the purpose of encouraging growth of entrepreneurial attributes and skills required for doing business in actual, turbulent business environment.

Strategic entrepreneurship basically means modern type of future-oriented entrepreneurship, which at the same time contains constant entrepreneurial actions of identifying and developing competitive market advantages.

Postgraduate study “Strategic entrepreneurship” is intended for entrepreneurs of all profiles and entrepreneurial-oriented managers of various professions, who, despite their current education profile, want to obtain wide range of the latest economic knowledge, with the purpose of using it in private enterprises or entrepreneurial-oriented companies and even in the non-profit organizations.

Basic intention of this program is to meet the attendants with new economic understandings, business concepts and models, and numerous other entrepreneurial options that are available today, with aim to contribute to entrepreneurship development, faster economic growth and usage of huge but unused potential, that derives from the most valuable resource Croatia has – knowledge.

Mission of this study represents establishing and development of entrepreneurial culture and consciousness about the necessity of connecting on all levels of business activity to stimulate the development of new entrepreneurial ideas and innovations.

Therefore, study program embraces the most recent managerial, accounting, financial, marketing and other knowledge and skills within the wide range of entrepreneurial context that will direct your rich practice experience towards long-term sustainable growth of effectiveness and development of your enterprises.

During the study program, through several courses and from different aspects, special attention is focused on business planning and writing a business plan based on practical ideas that will be achievable in already existing or newly formed enterprises and projects.

Through lectures you will have the opportunity to meet leading Croatian experts from entrepreneurial theory and practice, whose expert advices and help you can use after finishing the study in your business life.