Interactive Lecture: How to take Care on Mental Health?

Lots of questions, little times, unrealistic expectations of others, lack of time for yourself - does sound familiar?
What about when things get out of our control? What about the symptoms of chronic stress, depression, anxiety?
In this interactive lecture, we will introduce you to the topic of mental health, what it is and what it is not, what are its determinants, how to care for it and what to do when we are not feeling well.

The lecture will be moderated by psychologists Ms. Lana Gjurić and Ms. Ivana Bandić of Modus Center and will be held on March 16, 2020, from 10:30 to noon in Hall No. 7. The lecture is intended for students of the Faculty of Economics and Business - Zagreb.

Please, announce your arrival by registration by 03/15/2020 at 8 pm on the link. Check-in on time to reserve your place.

See you!
Career Counseling and Development Office