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Marko Kolaković



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Office number: 226

Personal address: Dugi dol 15

Phone: +385-1-2883245

Personal phone/mobile: +385-98-352 081

Fax: +385-1-2335633

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Title/position held


Graduate School of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb


Assistant Professor in Economics


Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb


Teaching and Research Assistant


Ledo, Zagreb

Foreign Trade Officer









Graduate School of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb


PhD in Economics


Graduate School of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb


MSc in Economics


Graduate School of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb

BA in Economics


Filed of teaching and research interest:

            Fields of teaching: Principles of Economics

Fields of research: virtual economy, new economy, intellectual capital


Editorial and referee experiences:

Global Business & Economics Review

Business & Economics Society International


Fellowships, awards and research grants:

Research grants and project management

·        Project “Transformation of Croatian Economy – from Balkan to Global”, Croatia (1996-200), project sponsored by Croatian Ministry of Science

·        International project “Measuring of Intellectual Capital in Croatian and Austrian Enterprises”, Zagreb and Graz, (1995-1999), project sponsored by Austrian (Steiermaerk) Government

·        Project “Virtualisation of Croatian Enterprises”, Croatia (2002), project leader, project is sponsored by Croatian Ministry of Science

·        Project 'Governance for Sustainable Development: Options and choices in a knowledge-based society', Factor 10 Institute, Carnoules, France and Sustainable Europe Research Institute, Vienna, Austria

·        Project 'EXPIDE IST Project Cluster - Dynamic Extended Enterprise', Bremen Institute of Technology and Applied Workscience (BIBA), Bremen, Germany.




Chapters and sections in books and textbooks

Kolaković, M. and A. Pulić, “Intelektualni kapital poduzeća”, in D. Tipurić (ed)  Konkurentska sposobnost poduzeća, Zagreb, Sinergija, November 1999


Contributions to the refereed conference volumes (proceedings)

Kolaković, M., V. Belak and Đ. Jurić, “Intellectual Capital as the Basis for Achievement of Organizational Capital”, The 2nd World Congress on the Management of Intellectual Capital, McMaster University, 21.-23. siječnja 1998, pp.  Available from: www://

Kolaković, M., D. Tipurić and L. Galetić, “Intellectual Capital as the Basis for Achievement Suistanable Competitive Advantage of The Enterprise In Transition”, Konferencija: Business & Economics for the 21st century – 1999 Business & Economics Society International Conference, July 22.-26. 1999

Kolaković, M., V. Belak and A. Akšamija, “Outsourcing and Insourcing in a Transitional Economy: The Case of Croatia”, Konferencija: 'Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation: Past – Present – Future; The 10th International DAAAM Symposium', 21-23 October 1999, pp. 35-36

Kolaković, M., D. Tipurić, and V. Belak, “The Organizational Efficiency and the Reengineering of Croatian Banks”, Business & Economics Society International 2000 Conference, B&ESI, 22-26 July 2000,   (Awarded 'Outstanding Conference Participant')

Kolaković, M., V. Belak, and B. Kovačević, “Activity Based Approach in Designing of Virtual Organization”, Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation Man – Machine – Nature; The 11th International DAAM Symposium, Opatija, 19-21 October 2000

Kolaković, M., V. Belak and B. Kovačević, “Balance Structure Problems and Determination of Croatian Economic Development Guidelines”, Konferencija: 'Economic Globalization and Development of Small European Countries', Fakultet ekonomije i turizma 'Dr. Mijo Mirković' Pula, Pula, 19-20. listopada 2000. Prošireni sažetak objavljen je u Zborniku radova, str. 387-392, a u originalnoj verziji ima 11 stranica.

Kolaković, M., V. Belak and B. Kovačević, “Virtual Organization in the Croatian Economy in Transition”, 4th International Conference  'Enterprise in Transition', Ekonomski fakultet u Splitu, May 24-26, 2001

“Intellectual Capital as a Base for Designing a Virtual Organization - the Case of Croatia”, Business & Economics Society International 2001 Conference, B&ESI, July 22-26. 2001, Paris, Francuska, coauthors V. Belak, B. Kovačević

“Economic Relationships between the Members of Virtual Enterprise”, PRO-VE’ 02, 3rd IFIP Working Conference on Infrastructures for Virtual Enterprises, New University of Lisabon, Lisabon, Portugal, 1-3 May 2002, coauthors V. Belak, B. Kovačević

“Competitiveness of the Small and Medium Enterprises in Croatia - Strategic Alliances and Virtual Organization Challenges”, The 6th Annual Asia-Pacific Forum For Small Business 'Small and Medium Enterprise Linkages, Networking and Clustering', University Utara Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 16-18, October 2002, coauthor D. Tipurić, str. 276-294. NAGRADA: Certificate of Appreciation

'Role of Intangible Assets in the Process of Transition Towards New Economy of the 21st Century', 5th International Conference 'Enterprise in Transition', Split-Tučepi, 22-24 May 2003, coauthors V. Belak, M. Bašić, str. 465-468 

“Telework and its usage in Croatia in comparison with the European Union”, Intelligent Manufacturing & Automation: Focus on Reconstruction and Development”, The 14th International DAAM Symposium, 22-25th October 2003, pp. 233-234.

Refereed journal articles

Kolaković, M., D. Tipurić, and K. Dumičić, “Istraživanje promjena u koncentraciji hrvatske bankarske industrije 1993-2000”, Ekonomski pregled, Vol.  No. 5-6, 2002, pp. 470-494.

Kolaković, M., B. Kovačević and B. Sisek, “Utjecaj teorija poduzeća na suvremene pristupe organizaciji poduzeća”, Ekonomski pregled, Vol, No. 9-10, 2002, pp. 934-954.

Kolaković, M. and D. Tipurić, “Competitiveness of the Small and Medium Enterprises in Croatia - Strategic Alliances and Virtual Organization Challenges”, Asian Small Business Review, Vol. 4, No. 1 (October), 2002

Kolaković, M. and A. Pilić,  “Value creation efficiency in the new economy”, Global Business & Economics Review, Vol. 5, No. 1 (June), 2003


Conferences and seminars


'VAVE – A model for measuring the business performance', Business Excellence I – performance measures, benchmarking and Best Practices in new Economy, University of Minho,  Guimarães, June 10th - 13th, 2003


“Virtualisation of Business of Croatian Enterprises”, Konferencija: “An Enterprise Odyssey: Economics and Business in the New Millennium”, Ekonomski fakultet Zagreb, Zagreb, 27-29 June 2002.