Career Speed Dating

Career Speed ​​Dating, a unique blend of a job interview and speed dating, will be held on the 15th December 2016 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The event is jointly organized by Career center FER and eSTUDENT will gather 30 employers from the IT, broadcasting, telecommunications, automotive and other industry stakeholders to directly get to know students and future colleagues.

After completing the application for interested students and employers, the final preparations are beginning for the most exciting nightlife of this year. The central venue will be the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. The program of events begins at 9:00 am, when the first interviews with employers will start. Career Speed ​​Dating is a great opportunity for employers to find the best possible candidates, while for students it is an opportunity to try this interesting concept of the interview that takes only 8 minutes. The concept of the interview is the fact that the employer has 5 minutes with each student, which asks questions, while students have a total of 3 minutes to ask employers what they can know about their company. Students will thus receive information from "first-hand", that is, from the employers themselves about the kind of work environment at their company and which jobs are open and there is a possibility to practice or collaborate when writing diploma theses.

Employers who will try their luck at Career Speed ​​Dating are: the Financial Agency (FINA), telegrams, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, KING ICT, Five, mStart, Croatian Railways Infrastructure, Repsly, APIS IT, HashCode, IN2, British American Tobacco (TDR), Stype CS, Superius, Perpetuum Mobile, Iskon Internet, Business intelligence, Comminus, Undabot, Asseco SEE, Trikoder, GlobalLogic, INFIGO IS Infobip, Seven IT Farmeron, IOActive Europe Limited, AT & S Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik Aktiengesellschaft, Croatian Telecom and VIPnet.
Career Speed ​​Dating event, which is designed as a blend of the classic job interview and speed dating, organized by the Center career FER and eSTUDENT. The organizers believe that the given 8 minutes are the perfect time for a candidate and potential employer to "weigh" each other, and the ticking time will show the readiness of the student to customize their speed and communication skills. For more information about this interesting event, visit Career Speed ​​Dating or the Facebook event.

Contact person:
- Iva Gospodnetić, Career center FER, contact number: +385 99 3058310; mail:
- Ivana Ištvanović, coordinator Starter groups, eSTUDENT, contact number: +385 95 8147904; mail: