Minister of Finance Zdravko Marić gave a lecture on tax reform and sustainability of public finances

To mark the 96th anniversary and the Day of the Faculty of Economics, Croatian association of alumni of the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb, organized a  lecture by the Minister of Finance PhD Zdravko Marić on 28th November 2016.
Before his lecture, attendees were welcomed by the Dean of the Faculty of Economics prof. PhD Lajoš Žager and president of the alumni of Faculty of Economics Ljerka Puljić.
During the presentation of the Minister Zdravko Marić, Ljerka Puljić said that she was honored to present her colleague who is also an example that shows how EFZG students achieve remarkable careers, "Minister Marić is certainly the most sought after, and at the same time the best person to present a reform - the first reform of which all have high hopes, especially the business sector. "
The lecture of Minister Marić on the current topic of tax reform and sustainability of public finances caused great interest of students and the Congress Hall sought a place more.
Alongside the tax reform, Minister Marić commented on the budget for 2017. The minister and his team recognized the importance of a continued responsible fiscal policy. The biggest problem is certainly galloping public debt. The key to the sustainability of public finances is on the expenditure side, where it takes a responsible and rational policy to effectively manage budget funds, while any excess revenue should be used for deficit reduction and further tax relief. This is how we can cope with the challenges of the public debt, and that is ultimately seen from 2016 in which the budget deficit significantly reduced the level of 1.6% of GDP, and for the first time in our recent history reduced and the ratio of public debt to GDP. For 2017, planned economic growth of 3.2%, which is also the starting point for the projection of the budget. With all the challenges, 2017 is seen as one of the final steps forward towards the sustainability of public finances, predicts exit from the excessive deficit procedure, but also improve the appearance of Croatian credit rating.
Spirited and charismatic Marić said he does not expect that everyone will be delighted with the tax reform, and that is precisely the job of the Minister of Finance to make all equally dissatisfied! "Tax reform and general tax system can not solve the problems of the economy. It is an important step, but they are necessary and other structural changes. Recognition of the importance of fiscal consolidation, but are necessary steps forward in other areas of our economy. ", said Marić.

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