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1-1. INTEREULAWEAST Journal is scientific journal published by Faculty of Economics and Business University of Zagreb, which collects papers in the fields of law and economics with an international focus, in particular papers issuing:
  • Legal and economic aspects of European Union and other market integrations,
  • Market freedoms and restrictions,
  • Competition law and intellectual property,
  • Company law and corporate governance,
  • Legal and economic aspects of international trade,
  • International private and public law.
 1-2. Purpose of the Journal is to promote scientific research activities in law and economics, create high-quality base for further study of the above mentioned areas, encourage cross-border business activities and cooperation, introduce the wider public with the rules and opportunities of doing business in the EU and to achieve long-term scientific contribution in the field of European and international law and economics.
1-3. The journal is primarily addressed to the academic community, researchers and students of postgraduate programs and to general public, experts and professionals who are facing the issues of cross-border activities and operations within the EU internal market and the international market in general in their business activities daily.

2-1. By submitting papers for publication in the INTEREULAWEAST Journal authors agrees to the following:
  • That submitted paper is result of the original work of the person/persons designated as author/authors. Authorship includes only those who have significantly contributed to the research. Others who might have helped prepare the paper (e.g. proofreading, formatting, preparing bibliography for research etc.) could be mentioned in acknowledgement, but not designated as authors.  
  • That submitted paper hasn’t been previously published, wholly or partly in other publications.
  • That research is based on real, accurate and verifiable data. Authors are obliged to provide explanations and information on the research data and its source upon the request of the editor in chief.
  • That there is no conflict of interest which would violate general principles of objective scientific research. The submitted papers must not be instructed by third parties, for a fee or free of charge, to promote and support any business or political organization, cause or activity.      
  • That submitted paper is in compliance with the Instructions for the Authors and general rules for citation.
  • That the paper wasn’t plagiarized or self-plagiarized in any part.
  • That submitted paper is composed and formatted in accordance with the Instructions for Authors.
  • That submitted paper will be subject to the double blind review process.

2-2. Authors are obliged to provide corrections of errors or inaccuracy if needed.
2-3. INTEREULAWEAST Journal does not charge any fees or expenses to the authors for proceeding, reviewing, technical editing, storing, printing or any other actions concerning the publishing procedure of the submitted papers.

3-1. All submitted papers should be written in compliance with the Instructions for the Authors in the manner of language, composition, form and citation rules. If the submitted paper does not comply with the aforementioned standards, Technical editor will propose the corrections and improvements to the author.

3-2. All submitted papers are subject to plagiarism check by corresponding software.

3-3. All submitted papers, except conference or books reviews, are subject to the double-blinded review which is ensured by removing author’s data before sending the paper to reviewers. The papers with the positive review will be published and classified either as original scientific paper, preliminary communication, review article or professional paper.

3-4. INTEREULAWEAST Journal will ensure to engage experts in the area covered by the submitted paper for its review.

3-5. By accepting to review the paper the reviewers agrees that they will fulfill the task objectively and indifferently and solely based on professional, scientific and ethical standards. The reviewers are obliged to point out any possible conflict of interest before accepting the task. 

3-6. In the case of discrepancies in the reviews the INTEREULAWEAST Journal editor in chief withholds the right to make a final decision on publishing or to engage third reviewer if needed. In such cases Editor in chief will fulfill the task objectively and indifferently and solely based on professional, scientific and ethical standards.
3-7. The review shall be done in accordance with the Guidelines for the reviewers and classification guidelines and submitted by the paper review form.  

4-1. INTEREULAWEAST Journal shall ensure the following:
  • The equal publication procedure for every submitted paper that meets the Journal’s standards.
  • Assessment of the submitted papers exclusively on the objective criteria and in accordance with the basic standards and rules of the profession.
  • All reasonable steps to identify and prevent the publication of papers where plagiarism or any other form of scientific misconduct or malpractice has occurred, including the use of anti-plagiarism software, engagement of the recognized experts in the field as reviewers, proceeding the malpractice complaints from the third parties.
  • If appropriate publishing of corrections, clarifications, retractions and apologies.
  • The rejected and unpublished papers won’t be used by editors or publisher in any circumstances.
 4-2. All the decisions of the editor in chief, editorial board, technical editor and other technical staff shall be based exclusively on objective scientific, academic and technical standards.
4-3. The Journal publisher and Journal’s partners shall sustain from any influence regarding the content of the Journal for any commercial or political reasons.
5-1. Authors retain the copyright on the papers published in the journal, but grant the right of the first publication to the journal.
5-2. The Editorial Board accepts for consideration exclusively previously unpublished papers. The paper accepted for publication or already published in INTEREULAWEAST Journal may be published by the author in other publications or self-archived by the author only with the permission of the Editorial Board, and in such a case only with proper notice of its publication in INTEREULAWEAST Journal.
5-3. By submitting the paper, the author authorizes INTEREULAWEAST Journal to make the paper and its metadata available and freely accessible on the electronic repositories and databases of their choice.
5-4. The full texts of papers published in the INTEREULAWEAST Journal can be used free of charge for personal and educational purposes while respecting authors and publishers’ copyrights, strictly in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) license.

6-1. If it affirms that scientific misconduct or malpractice, such as plagiarism or falsification of data or findings has occurred in the published paper, the Editorial Board will withdraw the paper and make the withdrawal and its reasons public.
6-2. Without prejudice to the previous provision, the publisher withholds the right to press charges against offenders in case scientific misconduct or malpractice.  

7-1. The Journal shall be published twice a year, in June and December. If appropriate, Editor in Chief may decide to publish additional special thematic issues of the Journal.
7-2. The journal is published in both printed and electronic edition. The content of both editions shall be identical. The electronic edition and full version of papers shall be accessible free of charge through the HRČAK – Portal of scientific journals of Croatia.