University News

29.04.2016.  Career (week)day at the Faculty of Organization and Informatics in Varaždin
27.04.2016.  7th Zagreb Energy Week
26.04.2016.  Danubius Young Scientist Award 2016
26.04.2016.  UNICA IRO Meeting 2016
07.03.2016.  Meeting between the Rector of the University of Zagreb prof. Ph. D.. Damir Boras and the new Minister of Science, Education and Sports Prof.. Ph. D.. Predrag Šustar
07.03.2016.  A new issue of the Max Planck partner group Bulletin
07.03.2016.  Competition for scholarships of student mobility in the academic year 2016/2017 (2nd part)
07.03.2016.  Competition for the annual award 'Prof. dr. Marijan Hanžeković'
07.03.2016.  During the panel discussion "Innovations in Medicine III" a project of ecological animal livestock was introduced
07.03.2016.  Erasmus + contest for student mobility study for the academic year. 2016./17.
07.03.2016.  The day of the single European emergency call number
05.03.2016.  Meeting between the Rector of the University of Zagreb. Ph. D.. Damir Boras and ministers of the Croatian Government
05.03.2016.  Science for good practice: social and emotional learning effective in reducing behavioral problems of children
05.03.2016.  Prorector Šimpraga held a lecture on innovation and transfer technology as a thrid mission of the Univeristy
05.03.2016.  Promotion of the book 'Sportska prehrana' in the Rector’s office
05.03.2016.  The project EUphony orchestra at the Music Academy, University of Zagreb
05.03.2016.  Representatives of the Islamic Community in Croatia, visited the University of Zagreb
05.03.2016.  The announcment of the Croatian Universities newspaper 'Universitas'
05.03.2016.  The announcement of the project ‘Innovative ICT Solutions for the Societal Challenges’(INNOSOC)
05.03.2016.  The President of the Rector’s commision CRO took part in a meeting of the Council of EUA
05.03.2016.  Students of the Music Academy, the Academy of Dramatic Arts, Academy of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Textile Technology University of Zagreb prepared a joint music-stage project
01.03.2016.  "PhDs: a key factor for a rapid economic growth?" - the round table at the Faculty of Science