10.04.2017.  OFEL 2017 was held in Dubrovnik
24.03.2017.  ROUND TABLE EU Economic Perspectives in the Light of Migrant Crisis, “Brexit” and U.S. Policies
24.03.2017.  GUEST LECTURE The Role and Responsibility of the EU in Shaping International Relations
19.12.2016.  Lecture Dr. W. Travis Selmier
08.12.2016.  Career Speed Dating
08.12.2016.  Inaugural lecture Ph.D. D. Dolinar
07.12.2016.  Lecture "Culture and Economy: New Challenges of Cultural Policy"
06.12.2016.  Annual Award of the Society of university professors and other scientists in Zagreb for young scientists and artists in 2016
02.12.2016.  Tour de Tourism-student conference
30.11.2016.  Introduced new university textbook Accounting I - Accounting for non accountants
29.11.2016.  Day of information technology
25.11.2016.  Presentation of textbook ORGANIZATION (prof. Ph.D Lovorka Galetić, ed.)
24.11.2016.  Presentation of diplomas showing knowledge of the French language and scholarships for learning the French language
24.11.2016.  Soft Skills Academy (SSA) Workshop
24.11.2016.  Invitation to lecture of Minister of Finance Zdravko Maric
21.11.2016.  Debate Club welcomes new members
17.11.2016.  Erste Chillin' table tennis tournament has attracted top players
14.11.2016.  Guest lectures on Brexit and European Parliament
09.11.2016.  A public discussion on the Proposal of a rule book about studying at the Faculty of Economics Zagreb
07.11.2016.  INFORMATION DAY EU PROGRAMS - CONTESTS IN 2017, FFZG, 9.11.2016., 10AM
03.11.2016.  SYMPTOMA - Scholarships
31.10.2016.  UNIZG - The competition for academic mobility in 2017 (first round)
30.10.2016.  Erste Chillin' table tennis tournament
27.10.2016.  Working Meeting at the Faculty of Economics, University of Economics Poznan
27.10.2016.  Student Internship "Zaba Banking Academy"
25.10.2016.  Job Offer - Computer Technician
24.10.2016.  Creative photo contest "Click for a better Croatia Vol. 2"
20.10.2016.  The Internship Programme of German Business - program practice in German companies, applications until 11/11/2016.
18.10.2016.  Annual concerts dedicated to longtime artistic director and director of LADO Ph.D. John Ivancan
18.10.2016.  2nd round of the competition for student mobility for Placements Erasmus + for the academic year 2016./17.
13.10.2016.  Rhetoric school 2016.
13.10.2016.  Job - Associate / Junior Technical Assistant (f / m) for the development of business with small businesses in Zagreb
09.10.2016.  OPENING CEREMONY of the 12th Scholarship and Higher Education Fair
26.09.2016.  12th Fair of scholarships and higher education
23.09.2016.  Student Competition "Creative Schock" - Vilnius, Lithuania, 24 - 11.27.2016., Register until 08.10.2016.
20.09.2016.  Conference "Privacy in Statistical Databases 2016" (PSD 2016) under the auspices of the UNESCO Chair in Data Privacy
26.08.2016.  Student Convention World Business Dialogue - 6th-10.03.2017., Cologne, Germany, applications to September 12
25.08.2016.  Possibility of professional practice at the Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena / Technical University of Cartagena
23.08.2016.  Scholarships for exchange students, summer semester 2016./17. - City University of Hong Kong, check to 09/12/2016.
23.08.2016.  Scholarships for exchange students, summer semester 2016./17. - University of MV Lomonosov (Russian Federation), check to 09/12/2016.
23.08.2016.  Scholarships for exchange students, summer semester 2016./17. - Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (Chile), check to 19/09/2016.
23.08.2016.  Scholarships for graduate and doctoral studies at Bavarian universities for the ac. year 2017./18. - Deadline: 12/01/2016.
21.07.2016.  Refill Competition for CEEPUS scholarships for students - Summer semester 2016./2017. - Deadline: 03/10/2016.
08.07.2016.  The competition for admission to doctoral studies on "IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca" in the academic year 2016./2017.
30.06.2016.  Guest lectures by Professor Vesna Bucevska, PhD
27.06.2016.  Students visit Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d.
24.06.2016.  Competition for scholarship LOCALINTERNational 2016 - notice
20.06.2016.  The competition for student mobility for Placements Erasmus + for the academic year 2016./17. = 1ST ROUND
20.06.2016.  The competition for student mobility for Placements Erasmus + for the academic year 2016./17. = 1ST ROUND
16.06.2016.  Erasmus + fellows - IMPORTANT - fulfilling Table B in LA
10.06.2016.  Panel discussion: The importance of entrepreneurial learning in the development of the entrepreneurial eco-system
02.06.2016.  Results of the competition for the Erasmus + professional practice for students 2015./16.
30.05.2016.  Winners of the 12th Case Study Competition
23.05.2016.  Published other results ERASMUS + tenders for a study visit 2016./17.
23.05.2016.  Offer for Erasmus + professional practice at the University of Economics in Bratislava - the application deadline 30.06.2016.
19.05.2016.  Extension of the third round of the competition for student mobility for Placements Erasmus + Key activity 1 of the academic year 2015./16.
16.05.2016.  Erasmus + competition for the mobility of teaching and non-teaching staff even. Whatever. 2016./2017.
13.05.2016.  Lecture "The Japanese food in old days and now"
13.05.2016.  Offer for Erasmus + professional practice at the University of Bratislava
12.05.2016.  Lecture by Prof. PhD Demetri Kantarelis
11.05.2016.  Erasmus + professional practice in odd. Whatever. 2015/2016., Round 3
10.05.2016.  Conference OBRAD (education and work)
03.05.2016.  Lectures were Held in the framework of the project "HR. 3.1.15-0040 Director: professions and qualifications, not a function"
03.05.2016.  A visit to the European Patent Office
03.05.2016.  The course of academic French for students
29.04.2016.  Applications to Kampusijadu 2016 pending
26.04.2016.  Guest lecture - Vida Davidavičienė, PhD
26.04.2016.  Guest lecture - Magdalena Stefanska, PhD
20.04.2016.  Presentation of the university textbook "Statistical methods for business management in the programming language R"
18.04.2016.  Lecture on the occasion of the World Day of investment funds
12.04.2016.  Debate Club - Uhvati me za riječ (Miroslav Ćiro Blažević)
07.04.2016.  Summer School of Croatian and German language
05.04.2016.  HOW A NATION LIVES - REPORT ON PASSIVENESS - an educational exhibition in eight parts by artist Kristina Leko and associates
04.04.2016.  Debate club "Uhvati me za riječ" - Nenad Bakić
31.03.2016.  Festival of Tolerance - Educational morning
31.03.2016.  Lecture by Prof. Derek Van Rheenen from the University of California, Berkeley, USA
30.03.2016.  ''Uhvati me za riječ'' - Debate club FEB - Saša Buneta
29.03.2016.  Competition Falling Walls Lab 2016, 04.21.2016., Ljubljana - Application deadline: 06.04.2016.
24.03.2016.  Round Table "Non-financial reporting - The challenge of sustainable business"
22.03.2016.  The newspaper "Zaposlena" invites to conference
16.03.2016.  Travelogue lecture by Tomislav Perko
16.03.2016.  The third conference "Legal Reform and EU Enlargement - Transfer of Experiences"
15.03.2016.  Days of Engineers 2016.
14.03.2016.  Project Economic clinic in March
10.03.2016.  4th presentation skills competition in English “Organize Your Talk” 2016
10.03.2016.  Events within the Month of Francophonie 2016 - 15th and 18 March 2016.
09.03.2016.  Officially opened student startup competition "Smartup"!
09.03.2016.  Case Study Competition (eSTUDENT)
07.03.2016.  Scientific Conference in memory of Professor emeritus Peru Jurkovića
25.02.2016.  Lecture "Intelligence Studies - Challenges and Advantages" - prof. Shlomo Shpiro
24.02.2016.  International competition "Business Hive 2016", Ljubljana, 17th – 21st March 2016.
16.02.2016.  International Business Student Week, Stockholm, 9.–13.5.2016.
12.02.2016.  Information Day on French government scholarships - 01.03.2016., 12: 00h, Lecture hall 51
02.02.2016.  Project “Become an entrepreneur”
19.01.2016.  ERASMUS + INFO DAY and all other possibilities of mobility for students, 21.1.2016. Congress Hall FEB
18.01.2016.  Model EU Conference of Strasbourg in 2016, organized by BETA-e, Strasbourg, 2 - 04/09/2016
07.12.2015.  Presentation "Jobs4Hotels" - practice for students, Wednesday 9th December 2015 at 14h, room 51
07.12.2015.  Po miseca Kulture - a program organized by the eSTUDENT association
04.12.2015.  The representative of AACSB visited the FEB
30.11.2015.  The 3rd open day of 3D printing at the Faculty of Architecture
24.11.2015.  Festival of Francophone students in Central and Eastern Europe in 2016; Bucharest, 11 - 04.15.2016.
20.11.2015.  L'oreal Adria Balkan – BRANDSTORM - International student competition
10.11.2015.  Guest lecturer - Toine MANDERS (a former member of the European Parliament)
22.10.2015.  An invitation to the training workshop "PowerLearning Economy"
22.10.2015.  Erasmus + fellows - IMPORTANT - fulfilling Table B in LA