31.08.2017.  TAKE conference at FEBZ
03.04.2017.  Lecture Dr. Marc J. Epstein
31.03.2017.  Lecture Dr. Marc Epstein
21.03.2017.  Lecture on Progressive EU Trade Policy for the 21st Century
16.03.2017.  Formal Promotions of BDiB Graduates (May 2017)
14.03.2017.  Visit of students from the Auburn University’s Executive MBA Program, Alabama, USA
14.03.2017.  5th OYT students' competition in presentation skills
03.03.2017.  FEB's BDiB wins EPAS accreditation for 5 years
02.12.2016.   Faculty of Economics celebrated 96th anniversary
30.11.2016.  Minister of Finance Zdravko Marić gave a lecture on tax reform and sustainability of public finances
22.11.2016.  Celebration of the Faculty of Economics Day
15.11.2016.  Zagrebačka Banka and the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb signed a cooperation agreement
25.10.2016.  Day of Croatian financial institutions Conference
25.10.2016.  Celebration of the 60th anniversary enrollment at the Faculty of Economics
18.10.2016.  Tender for admission to the PDS and doctoral studies
17.10.2016.  The result of the second round of ranking and schedule of enrollment of students at the Graduate university study
17.10.2016.  Enrollment for specialist professional graduate study
14.10.2016.  The preliminary to the specialist professional graduate study
12.10.2016.   The result of the first round of ranking and schedule of enrollment of students at the Graduate university study
03.10.2016.  Introductory lesson for freshmen
03.10.2016.   New Management at Faculty of Economics Zagreb
03.10.2016.   Registration for classes in English in the winter semester 2016./2017. for undergraduate university study
03.10.2016.  Internet pre-registration for the Graduate university study
30.09.2016.  Welcome day for foreign students
26.09.2016.  The first joint lesson for freshmen
23.09.2016.  Call for the student award HUOJ Young hopes
12.09.2016.  Notice for raising index for students that enrolled in the academic year 2016./2017.
08.09.2016.  Congratulations to Alumni Šime Fantela!
08.09.2016.  Enrollment in the first year of study 2016/17. (Autumn term)
06.09.2016.  Enrolment on higher years of study 2016./2017.
05.09.2016.  "Apply for papers" on Trade Perspectives 2016
01.09.2016.  Students of Faculty of Economics achieved great success at the Rotman European Trading Competition 2016.
21.07.2016.  Summer holidays
18.07.2016.  The success of our students at European University Games Zagreb-Rijeka 2016
17.06.2016.  Rector's Award
16.06.2016.  At the Faculty of Economics presentation ceremony of the Oscar knowledge award
13.06.2016.  Doc. Dr. Sc. Tomislav Hernaus elected as visiting professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana
10.06.2016.  Rector's Award for the academic year 2015/2016.will be held at the Faculty of Economics Zagreb
23.05.2016.  Faculty of Economics and HANFA signed an agreement on scientific and development cooperation
23.05.2016.  Inaugural lecture dr. sc. Tomislav Herceg
23.05.2016.  Inaugural lecture mr. sc. Mirna Linčir Lumezi
11.05.2016.  The competition for the Hanžeković award
05.05.2016.  FEB students visited Podravka
04.05.2016.  Call for proposals for research projects HRZZ
03.05.2016.  The decision of the Constitutional Court repealed the part of the Law on the Croatian Qualifications Framework
02.05.2016.  Ljerka Puljić is the new president of the Croatian Association of alumni of the Faculty of Economics, University of Zagreb
29.04.2016.  The FEB and Deloitte have signed a Cooperation Agreement
29.04.2016.  Round Table "Pays to know"
27.04.2016.  Round Table "It pays to know!" will be held on April 28th 2016 at 13 am in Hall 3 at the FEB
25.04.2016.  Featured textbook "Statistical methods for business management in the programming language R"
20.04.2016.  Research: HOW IS IT TO STUDY IN CROATIA?
19.04.2016.  Invitation to the lecture “Financial responses and transformation on the back of the business transformation of Ericsson Nikola Tesla”
19.04.2016.  Invitation to lecture on the occasion of the World Day of investment funds - CCE
04.04.2016.  AOM-HR DIVISION have elected doc. Ph. D. Tomislav Hernaus as the HR Ambassador for Croatia
01.04.2016.  Invitation for the lecture and presentation of Prof. Derek Van Rheenen, University of California, Berkeley - 4th & 5th April 2016, FEB Zagreb
23.03.2016.  Happy Easter
22.03.2016.  Annual Award Hrvoje Požar
16.03.2016.  FEB Elects Dean for New Term
15.03.2016.  Awards ceremony for the the annual prize of the Society of university professors and other scientists in Zagreb
10.03.2016.  EPAS Network Workshop
09.03.2016.  On the list of the best works "Engineering eJournals collection" is the work of scientists from the FEB
09.03.2016.  The call for expressions of interest for PDSISS "Intellectual Property"
04.03.2016.  The Delegation of the Faculty of Management in Koper visited the Faculty of Economics Zagreb
01.03.2016.  EU Challenges at FEB
22.02.2016.  Formal Promotions of BDiB and MMI Graduates (April 2016)
17.02.2016.  The Delegation of the XV. Gymnasium visited the Faculty of Economics and Business
16.02.2016.  The FEB and The Chamber of Commerce signed a cooperation agreement
15.02.2016.  Ceremonious promotions - April 2016
11.02.2016.  Enrollment of courses in the summer semester
29.01.2016.  FEB and AACSB accreditation
28.01.2016.  Application for classes in English in the summer semester 2015/2016. for undergraduate students
26.01.2016.  Open invitations for abstracts at the conference TAKE 2016 (Portugal)
21.01.2016.  Volunteer project : "Friends with student cards"
21.01.2016.  ERASMUS+ Info Day Held
20.01.2016.  The book „Kad vjetar puše, i purani lete“ was presented
19.01.2016.  Book „Kad vjetar puše, i purani lete“ Presented
15.01.2016.  An invitation for Mr. Ludolf Van Hasselt's lecture
14.01.2016.  Open applications for the Marijan Hanžeković award
07.01.2016.  Project Management Awards 2015
23.12.2015.  Traditional Christmas party of the FEB
15.12.2015.  Kaufland awarded stipends to students with disabilities
15.12.2015.  ZIREB indexed in yet again - ESCI
10.12.2015.  Lecture held by the French Ambassador Michele Boccoz
01.12.2015.  The FEB celebrates 95. anniversary of existance
27.11.2015.  The 10th Information Technology day - The role of information technology in education and employment
23.11.2015.  FEB DAY
07.11.2015.  FEB Hosts CEO Conference Zagreb
04.11.2015.  Colloquium academicum “Blaženi Alojzije Stepinac – katolički uzor čovjekoljublja"
21.10.2015.  Tenders have been announced for postgraduate specialist degrees and postgraduate (doctoral) studies
15.10.2015.  Representatives of the Faculty of Economics in Skopje gave gratitudes to the FEB Zagreb
05.10.2015.  Leisure Zone opens at FEB (ERSTE Chillin' Zone)
05.10.2015.  Introductory Lesson for Freshmen Held
01.10.2015.  Introductory Lecture for BDiB’s First Year Students
01.10.2015.  Welcome Day for Exchange Students
23.09.2015.  Guest Lectures by Professor Krzysztof Wach
02.07.2015.  Partnership agreement between The FEB Zagreb and CAPM/YCC
26.06.2015.  Guest Lectures by Professor Robert James Sonora
25.05.2015.  Guest Lectures by Professor Erik Cohen
20.05.2015.  Guest Lectures by Professor Larry Dwyer
15.05.2015.  Guest Lectures by Professor Nijaz Bajgorić
14.05.2015.  Guest Lectures by Professor Melika Husić-Mehmedović
08.05.2015.  Guest Lectures by Professor Kunibert Raffer
28.04.2015.  Guest Lectures by Professor Jelena Filipović
06.04.2015.  Guest Lectures by Professor Sabine Haidenbauer
30.03.2015.  Guest Lectures by Professor Chris Cooper
18.03.2015.  Guest Lectures by Mr Philippe Giraudon
16.03.2015.  Lectures by professor Krešimir Žigić
13.02.2015.  Formal Promotions of BDiB and MMI Graduates
23.01.2015.  The Warsaw Negotiation Round 2015
16.01.2015.  Guest Lectures by Professor Jože Sambt
16.01.2015.  Guest Lectures by Professor Agneš Slavić
14.01.2015.  Invitation to lecture of Mr Brian Wingate, economic adviser in the US Embassy
15.12.2014.  Guest Lectures by Professor Raimonda Bubliene
04.12.2014.  Guest lectures by dr. Frank Bezzina and dr. Vincent Cassar
04.12.2014.  Guest Lestures by Aleksandar Kešeljević
04.12.2014.  Guest Lestures by Aleksandar Kešeljević
21.11.2014.  Guest Lectures by Professor Lina Anastassova
27.10.2014.  Guest Lestures by Alexander Herbst
27.10.2014.  Guest lectures by Jean Paul Thommen
30.05.2014.  Poziv studentima i nastavnicima za suradnju s Kineskim radijom Internacional
29.05.2014.  Guest Lestures by Professor Robert James Sonora - May 2014
27.05.2014.  Guest lecture by Professor Simona Novak - May 12-16, 2014
27.05.2014.  Guest lecture by Professor Jose Antonio Mateos Royo - May 19-24, 2014
16.05.2014.  Guest Lecturer Jurgita Raudeliuniene, Vice Dean of VGTU (22nd May 2014, room 7)
14.05.2014.  Guest Lecture by Professor Nijaz Bajgorić - May 15, 2014
14.05.2014.  Guest lectures by Professor Aleksander Aristovnik - May 12-15, 2014
08.04.2014.  Guest Lectures by Mr. Philippe Giraudon
07.04.2014.  Guest lecturer in Enterprise Information Systems - Dr. Eng. Paolo Taticchi
17.03.2014.  Bilateralne stipendije - AMPEU
17.03.2014.  Natječaj za dodjelu stipendija Vlade Francuske Republike, rok: 15. travnja 2014.
11.03.2014.  Guest Lecture by Professor William C. Gartner, March 17, 2014
11.03.2014.  Guest Lecture by Professor Chris Cooper, March 13, 2014
07.03.2014.  Scholarship Program for IESEG Summer Academies
28.02.2014.  Welcome meeting for exchange students in academic year 2013/2014
20.02.2014.  Natječaj za stipendije za ljetnu školu „Challenges in Public Administration in the European Union”, Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana
17.01.2014.  Guest lecture by Professor Alexander Herbst
17.01.2014.  Guest lecture by Professor Alexander Herbst
16.12.2013.  Call for Papers: International Risk Management Conference 2014
16.12.2013.  Guest Lectures by Mr. Philippe Giraudon
16.12.2013.  Guest Lecture by Professor Ivan Ribnikar
09.12.2013.  Natječaj Erasmus Mundus 2: LOT9 - Euro-Asian CEA 2 (Kazahstan, Kirgistan, Tadžikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan)
26.11.2013.  Successful Adjustment – workshop for BdiB students
26.11.2013.  Guest Lectures by Professor Aleksandar Kešeljević
26.11.2013.  Guest Lecture by Professor Jan Mendling
21.11.2013.  Guest Lecture by Professor Aleksandar Kešeljević
21.11.2013.  Guest Lecture by Professor Jan Mendling
09.10.2013.  Guest lecture by Professor Timothy S. Kiessling
16.07.2013.  Internship opportunity - Junior Marketing Assistant
06.06.2013.  Posjet studenata sa Sveučilišta Alpen-Adria iz Klagenfurta 6.6.2013.
06.06.2013.  Assistant professor Blazenka Knezevic - Guest lecturer in Vilnius (Lithuania)
28.05.2013.  Master In Managerial Informatics - Study trip to London
28.05.2013.  Study trip to Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna
13.05.2013.  Lecture by professor Larry Dwyer, PhD
10.05.2013.  Lecture by professor Emina Resić, PhD
08.05.2013.  H.E. Ambassador Burak Özügergin will give a lecture for all professors and students
29.04.2013.  Guest lecture by Professor Marek Szarucki, PhD.
15.04.2013.  Lecture by professor Christoph Van Der Elst
04.04.2013.  European Integration in South Eastern Europe from a Business Perspective
20.03.2013.  Natječaj Slobodne Države Bavarske za ljetne tečajeve njemačkog jezika u Bavarskoj
18.03.2013.  Lecture by Vanja Šebek - Google AdWords and Internet Marketing
16.03.2013.  Lecture by Luka Abrus - Company Pet minuta
13.03.2013.  Tajvanski program stipendiranja za studente za ak. god. 2013./14.
13.03.2013.  Lecture by Mario Semialjac - Mobile Application Platform
12.03.2013.  Lecture by Ivan Gavran - Company Calyx - Mobile Application Development
14.12.2012.  Stipendije za doktorske studije na Bamberg Graduate School of Social Sciences, Njemačka
14.12.2012.  Stipendije za diplomske programe i doktorate na Central European University u Budimpešti
04.12.2012.  Lecture by Associate Professor of Accounting Yass A Alkafaji
29.11.2012.  BDiB studentice pokrenule startup iDerma
15.11.2012.  Lecture by professor Mehmet Huseyin Bilgin
13.11.2012.  H.E. Ambassador Yean Yoke Heng will give a lecture for BDiB and other students
16.10.2012.  Guest lecturer Philippe Giraudion will give a lecture during the period from October 19, 2012 until October 24, 2012
12.10.2012.  Professor Manuel Platero Jaime will give a lecture on October 15, 2012
19.09.2012.  FEB Zagreb as an project partner won EC Leonardo two years grant for the project” Stimulating Learning for Idea-to-Market, within the EC call Transfer of Innovation
12.07.2012.  Bilateralna razmjena studenata - ljetni semestar 2012./13. - Hong Kong i Singapur
17.05.2012.  Lecture has been postponed - H.E. Ambassador Yean Yoke Heng to address BDiB and other students
10.05.2012.  Professor Christian Theuermann from the University of Applied Sciences in Graz to address BDiB and other students
03.05.2012.  Lecture by professor William C. Gartner
03.05.2012.  BDIB students visited Adris (Rovinj) / Studenti BDIB programa posjetili Adris
02.05.2012.  Guest lecture Marek Szarucki, Phd (Cracow Uinversity of Economics)
18.04.2012.  Mr Robert Kakarigi from Norwegian Embassy to address BDiB and other students
16.04.2012.  Lectures by professor Chris Cooper
11.04.2012.  Presentation of IESEG International Summer Academies - Paris at FEB Zagreb
05.04.2012.  Case Challenge Zagreb 2012
04.04.2012.  Lectures by professor Jonatan Jelen
16.03.2012.  Lectures by professor Krešimir Žigić
06.03.2012.  Lectures by professor Gregory M. Duncan
24.02.2012.  Welcome meeting for exchange students in the academic year 2011/2012
23.02.2012.  Bloomberg Institute BAT tests at FEBZ in March 2012
03.11.2011.  Guest lecture by Mr. Jonathan S. Abernethy on 4th november 2011
12.10.2011.  Start of the EBES 2011 Conference
29.09.2011.  Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business will address to new BDiB students on Monday, October 3rd 2011
15.06.2011.  Professors and students visit from the University of Graz
15.06.2011.  EFMD awarded EPAS accreditation to EBIP/BDiB programme
06.06.2011.  The report on International seminar on HRM in service industry - case study of Poland and Croatia
31.05.2011.  Representatives of the Graduate School of Commerce, Burapha University, Thailand visited FEB Zagreb
31.05.2011.  FEB Zagreb hosted group of students from Bentley University, USA
21.05.2011.  EBES 2011 Conference
20.05.2011.  ITHAS 2011
17.05.2011.  Invitation to attend lecture by Professor Kohli on May 19, 2011
06.05.2011.  Guest lecture by prof. Glenn R. Richey (University of Alabama) on 10th and 11th May 2011
28.04.2011.  Assistant professor Marek Szarucki will give a lecture on 03rd May 2011
27.04.2011.  Guest lecture by Professor Pertti Virtanen (University of Lapland, Finland) on May 5, 2011
13.04.2011.  WU Wien students visited FEB Zagreb
08.04.2011.  Guest lecture by Professor Zsuzsanna Novák, PhD, on April 12, 2011
01.03.2011.  Japanese ambassador to address BDiB and other students
22.02.2011.  EFMD awards University of Zagreb's Faculty of Economics and Business renowned EPAS accreditation for BDiB/EBIP study programme
18.01.2011.  Lecture by Professor Siniša Kušić, January 18, 2011
22.12.2010.  Winter holidays
22.12.2010.  BDiB students visited U.S. Embassy in Zagreb
06.12.2010.  Lecture by Professor Vojko Potočan, PhD (Faculty of Economics and Business Maribor) on December 08, 2010
06.12.2010.  Lecture by Professor Olivier Huber, PhD (University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis) on December 09, 2010
03.12.2010.  Lecture by Professor Ivan Ribnikar, PhD, on December 07 and December 14, 2010
02.12.2010.  Lectures by Professor Stefan Enchelmaier (University of York-York Law School) on December 08th, 9thand 10th 2010
30.11.2010.  Lecture by Assistant professor Aleksandar Kešeljević, PhD, from University of Ljubljana, on December 07th and 13th , 2010
30.11.2010.  Guest lecture by Mr. Tetsuya Kaida, Toyota Motor Corporation
28.09.2010.  Official start of the BDiB classes
23.08.2010.  Preparation visit - Poland
23.07.2010.  Summer holidays
22.07.2010.  Student of FEB Zagreb member of the winning team in business case competition Balkan Case Challenge 2010
20.07.2010.  Erste Group Summer University Danubia 2010 in Zagreb
19.07.2010.  Online applications for English taught progams now opened - FEB students
07.07.2010.  Workshop on the Role of Information Technology in Times of Crisis
01.06.2010.  Representative of the IESEG School of Management in Lille visited FEB Zagreb
26.04.2010.  ITHAS 2010 – International Tourism & Hospitality Academy at Sea
09.04.2010.  The Ambassador of Malaysia Visited the Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb
30.03.2010.  High-Dimensional Data Analysis in Economics” workshop held at FEB Zagreb
30.03.2010.  Call for papers - International Scientific Conference INNOVATION DRIVEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP
30.03.2010.  Easter Holidays
09.03.2010.  Creative workshop II with FEB students held by Mr. Tetsuya Kaida, General Manager Projects of Toyota Motor Corporation
02.03.2010.  Tempus FoSentHE project was proclaimed example of good practice in project management and dissemination
01.03.2010.  Best paper award at EFMD Conference
24.02.2010.  Erasmus info meeting for student exchange in 2010/2011 – held on February 23rd, 2010
19.02.2010.  Call for Papers: International Journal of Transition and Innovation Systems (IJTIS)
05.02.2010.  EBRD lecture was held at FEB Zagreb
03.02.2010.  FEB Library is UNWTO Depository Library
01.02.2010.  Call for Papers - International Journal of Human Resources Development and Management (IJHRDM)
27.01.2010.  EBRD lecture on February 03, 2010, on the topic “Privatisation”
25.01.2010.  Course schedule for summer semester 2009/2010
20.01.2010.  Classes in Summer Semester Start on January 25, 2010
19.01.2010.  Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb was recognized again by ENQQHEEI and EFMD
19.01.2010.  Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb ranked high on Webometric rank list
19.01.2010.  ERASMUS and bilateral agreement signed with IESEG School of Management, France
18.01.2010.  Asian Business and Management Conference – call for papers
13.01.2010.  1st year project closure & 2nd year project launch coordination meeting – Zagreb, Croatia
30.12.2009.  FEB Zagreb Featured Member at AACSB home page
19.12.2009.  2010 Jean Monnet call for proposals for university projects is currently open
19.12.2009.  Student Conference “Democracy and Decentralisation” in Switzerland
19.12.2009.  First Euro-Mediterranean Forum for Cultural Diplomacy, May 11 – 14, 2010
16.12.2009.  Conference for students with disabilities took place at FEB Zagreb
14.12.2009.  Award for the best research paper
10.12.2009.  Great Success of Info day about International Exchange and Scholarship Opportunities
10.12.2009.  Contract signed between the Faculty of Economics and Business and Ernst & Young Ltd. for BDiB
07.12.2009.  Successful cooperation between Toyota Motor Corporation and FEB Zagreb continues
07.12.2009.  Implementation of FEB Zagreb and Coca-Cola HBC Hrvatska Ltd contract in practice
04.12.2009.  Info day: International Exchange and Scholarship Opportunities
02.12.2009.  89th Anniversary and the Day of the Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb
01.12.2009.  2010 Geneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN)
27.11.2009.  Faculty Day, December 01, 2009
24.11.2009.  Lecture by assistant professor Aleksandar Kešeljević, PhD, from the University of Ljubljana, November 25, 2009
19.11.2009.  AACSB CEE focus group meeting
18.11.2009.  Guest lesture by Professor Ivan Ribnikar, PhD
18.11.2009.  1st Global Peter Drucker Forum Vienna 2009 - Live Webcast
17.11.2009.  Lecture by Professor Ivan Ribnikar, PhD, on November 18, 2009
13.11.2009.  Contract signed between the Faculty of Economics and Business and Coca-Cola HBC Croatia Ltd.
12.11.2009.  EBRD lecture was held at FEB Zagreb
12.11.2009.  Lecture by Professor Stephen Watson was held on November 11, 2009
11.11.2009.  Lecture by Professor Ivan Ribnikar, PhD, on November 11, 2009
10.11.2009.  Lecture by Professor Stephen Watson on November 11, 2009
10.11.2009.  EBRD lecture on November 11, 2009, on topic “EBRD Strategy and Financing in Croatia - Tourism”
09.11.2009.  Lecture by Professor I. Ribnikar is postponed
05.11.2009.  The Science and Art of Archival Engineering Publication
03.11.2009.  FEB's new Erasmus agreement – Complutense University of Madrid
22.10.2009.  New bilateral agreement has been signed – Faculty of Mathematics and Economics, University of Ulm
21.10.2009.  Tempus FoSentHE Computer Room has been opened
16.10.2009.  Opening Ceremony of Tempus FoSentHE Computer Room
06.10.2009.  National holiday in Croatia – October 8, 2009
24.09.2009.  EBRD Workshop “EBRD Strategy and Financing in Croatia” held on September 23, 2009
24.09.2009.  Student exchange agreement with Nottingham Business School
24.09.2009.  Visiting professor Mehmet Bilgin, PhD, Kadir Has University, Istanbul, will give several guest lectures
23.09.2009.  EFMD EPAS Board has accepted the FEB Zagreb application for EPAS accreditation process!
21.09.2009.  Guest lecture by Mr. Tetsuya Kaida, Toyota Motor Corporation
21.09.2009.  Lecture - Eric Cornuel, PhD
21.09.2009.  EBRD Workshop
15.09.2009.  English-taught courses - enrollment in 2009/2010
13.09.2009.  Call for STUDENT PARTICIPANTS – Rovaniemi, Finland, 28.-31.10.2009.
10.09.2009.  The Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb signed a cooperation agreement with the ISM University
09.09.2009.  Guest lecture by Mr. Tetsuya Kaida, Toyota Motor Corporation
07.09.2009.  Lecture - Eric Cornuel, PhD
26.08.2009.  Second round of enrollment for BDiB and Business economics for citizenships other than Croatian
20.07.2009.  CALL FOR PAPERS: Conference: Entrepreneurship Without Borders ;16 - 18, November 2009, Israel
02.07.2009.  Scholarships for the BDiB programme
19.06.2009.  The Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb joined the innovative project 'Bruxelles Academy'
15.06.2009.  Info day of the study programme Bachelor Degree in Business – Thursday, June 18
01.06.2009.  FEB Zagreb signed a bilateral agreement with Nottingham Business School, Great Britain
19.05.2009.  Faculty of Economics and Business Zagreb hosted a group of students from the Bentley University in Waltham, Massachusetts
05.05.2009.  Bilateral agreement with the Corvinus University of Budapest
28.04.2009.  Visiting professor Chris Good - University of Birmingham
28.04.2009.  International Conference „How to Succeed in the EU?“ held on April 23 and 24
10.04.2009.  Guest lecturer in Informatics - Professor Nijaz Bajgorić
08.04.2009.  Clases start on January 26
08.04.2009.  The Faculty of Economics and Deloitte have signed a Cooperation Agreement
08.04.2009.  AMAC-UK academic award - open for applications
08.04.2009.  Taiwan Research visiting scholar grant program
08.04.2009.  Stipendije Vlade Japana za 2015. godinu
08.04.2009.  Prezentacije sa INFO DANA - 18.02.2014. - ERASMUS+ natječaj za studentsku mobilnost i ostale mogućnosti mobilnosti
08.04.2009.  Prezentacija o stručnoj praksi u američkoj tvrtki Requisite Business Skills, 17.04.2013. - DODATAK
08.04.2009.  Obavijest za BDIB studente
08.04.2009.  Invitation to attend lecture by Professor Kohli on May 19, 2011