Faculty of Economics & Business - Zagreb

Assist. Prof. Tihana Škrinjarić, Ph.D. Receives the 2019 Annual Award of the Society of University Teachers and Other Scholars

The Society of University Teachers and Other Scholars in Zagreb awarded the Assist. Prof. Tihana Škrinjarić, Ph.D. Annual Award of the Society for 2019 for scientific contribution in the area of social sciences, the field of economics, for independent work Stock market stability on selected CEE and SEE markets: a quantile regression approach. For the first time, the paper formally tests the stability of the stock markets of the Central, Eastern, and Southern European countries concerning the external shocks as well as shocks within the analyzed market itself.
26 applicants have applied for the Annual Award of the Society. The Society's Annual Award Committee has submitted applications for review to the expert reviewers and, based on the reviews obtained, has propounded 11 works by young scientists and artists for the 2019 awards.
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